Price of Honor: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World

“Goodwin reminds us that the Koran nowhere supports the brutal  treatment of women,” – The New Yorker

“Inspired, admirable, alarming, highly informative and thoroughly researched.” – Boston Book Review

“A remarkable book,” — The Sunday Observer (London)

“Always engrossing . . .  Astonishing in its diversity, it sometimes makes you want to weep, sometimes to cheer.” — The Irish Times

“Goodwin’s book deals with an important issue without debunking the religion . . . a fine achievement.” — The Asian Times

“Many of the important changes in the world today have their origins in the power struggle in the Islamic world. Jan Goodwin’s Price of Honor explains powerfully how Muslim women are affected by the rise of fundamentalism.” — Dan Rather, News Anchor, CBS-TV

“Jan Goodwin’s extraordinary interviews and super reportage bring to life the lives, thoughts, and passions of Muslim women, a world that is usually hidden from us.” — Barnett Rubin, Director of Studies at the Center on International Cooperation, New York University.

“Price of Honor is potent and excellent reporting, and should be widely read.” — Seymour Martin Lipset, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institute

“Chilling . . . a significant book that gives a voice to the millions of silent and silenced Muslim women.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Astonishing . . . necessary . . . Goodwin’s interviews both fascinate and disturb . . . Enhances the understanding of the world’s fastest-growing religion and its treatment of women.” — Library Journal

Caught in the Crossfire — a Woman Journalist’s Breathtaking Experiences in War Torn Afghanistan

“Caught in the Crossfire is the best book yet published on the war in Afghanistan.” — Los Angeles Times

“Goodwin has an extraordinary story. She tells it with great verve and engaging enthusiasm.” — Washington Post

“What makes this such an excellent book is its comprehensiveness and its up-to-date information, quite apart from the fact that you really can’t put it down, it reads like a thriller although it is for real.” — Doris Lessing, London Sunday Times

“For too long, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan has been a hidden war. Jan Goodwin’s splendid account provides the human dimension of this cruel war. Caught in the Crossfire is the product of Jan Goodwin’s courage, wonderfully observant eye, and her superb writing. It is a must read.” — Senator Claiborne Pell, Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

“This is a rare account of a war from which journalists are banned, a riveting and inspiring chronicle of heroic resistance against superior arms in a genocidal conflict, waged with carpet bombing, chemical weapons and massacres. Having witnessed atrocities, the author denounces what she avers is American ambivalence toward Afghans. Her superb reportage and powerful appeal on their behalf is enhanced by the personal stories Afghans related to her.” — Publishers Weekly

“By risking her neck to do this book, the author shows she has plenty of courage, but she is also observant and sensitive. Writing of man’s faith in the face of a murderous juggernaut, she looks unblinking at this festering canker.” — Kirkus Review